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We believe so strongly in AZREIANET’s training, that we’re inviting a select few to join our beta IOU Program. It’s risk free. That’s right, you will pay NOTHING until you make money on your first deal. We provide the training. You will have access to our network. When you succeed closing your first deal, you’ll pay us back out of your earnings. Do you see why we’re calling it the IOU Program?

Don't Get Squeezed Out!
Start investing in real estate NOW!
Pay No Money to Learn!

This is a new era. Amazon, iBuyer, Low Inventory, 1% Agent Commissions, a looming recession. Joining AZREIANET’s beta IOU Program protects you and your income. Our beta IOU Program is only open for a few select members. Other interested parties will join under our traditional terms which require payment up front. Be one of the chosen few in our ZERO risk IOU Program.

AZREIANET will teach you the basics of real estate investing and provide you with all the resources you need to find and analyze your own deals. We will help structure and close your deals using our expertise and resources; this includes access to AZREIANET’s network which includes hard, or private, money lenders, title company attorneys, conventional lenders and many others.

We accept your IOU for our training and access to our network. We’ll redeem your IOU once we close the deal together! You can’t lose and you don’t pay ANY money up front!

Learn Investing Methods Like: Probate Investing Fix and Flip  Wholesaling  Investing with IRA's  Team Investing Commercial Properties

TYPICAL SEMINARS (what a rip off!)

we won't charge you $1000 for an INTRO SEMINAR

A typical seminar will charge you $1000 JUST to attend. Not AZREIANET. We do not make money until you make money. How’s that for trust?

We won't even charge you $30,000 for a Full seminar

Once you attend the intro seminar, they’ll break the tough news to you …. it’ll cost you $30,000 for all of their “secrets”. No “bait & switch” with AZREIANET. You pay nothing until you close your first deal. We’re trusting you with a simple IOU.

azreianet gets paid when you close the deal

AZREIANET’s IOU concept is a novel option to new real estate investors; we trust our method and we trust you. Within this circle of trust, we share all of our secrets and we set you up for financial success.

Who Qualifies for AZREINET's IOU Program?

Real estate agents

loan officers

general public

Why do we do it?

Most new investors do not succeed because they do not have and cannot acquire the skills they need to get their deals closed. We only get paid if you succeed. We’re motivated for your success.

As professionals it made us sick to see people losing their hard earned money on seminars and courses that promised real estate wealth and then were disappointed! We decided to make a difference. We train our students on how investing really works and charge NOTHING up front! Instead, we will take an IOU and get paid when they close their FIRST deal! We’re confident because we know what we’re doing and we know real estate investing!

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With the help of AZREIANET, you don’t have to take on the daunting challenge of navigating the complex world of real estate investing on your own. We provide the support system you need for success. Join today.

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