Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

The most relevant topic to today’s real estate investor is how to find deals and how to close deals! Our training is centered around those two things, finding and closing. We want to empower our students with the knowledge and the resources (financial and professional) to compete successfully in a dynamic and changing market. Bottom line is, we want them to make money!

The competition is fierce, well funded, and business savvy! (Zillow, iBuyer, Redfin, Compass, etc.) You need an edge, a competitive edge! That’s what AZREIANET is, your competitive advantage. Best of all our training is FREE! We take your IOU at the start of training and don’t collect until we help you close your first deal! Additionally, we provide you with the financial connections and licensed professionals that will help you close your deals. So, let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll learn.

Module 10

Multiple Streams of Income with AZREIANET – this is one of the most exciting things about the AZREIANET program. Not only do we know what

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Module 9

Introduction to Team Investing. For busy professionals and career workers this method of investing is a Godsend. We’ve helped people develop strategies and partnerships that

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Module 8

Introduction to Wholesaling – for quick cash and little outlay of cash this aspect of real estate investing makes the most sense for many people.

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Module 7

Introduction to Fix and Flips – this used to me a market where everyone competed on level ground; it’s not that way anymore! The “big

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Module 6

Introduction to Probate – probate sales is easily one of the most misunderstood yet profitable areas of residential real estate available to the investor. We

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Module 5

Hit the Road Jack, and don’t come Back until you have a Deal! (SOI Marketing) – this module/webinar shares with you techniques and methods that

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Module 4

Getting Started Your Business Essentials – this module/webinar explains the necessity of “putting your best foot forward” when meeting people. Professional business cards and related

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Module 3

The Resources You Must Have to Succeed – this module/webinar identifies the professional resources you must have to locate, structure, finance, and close your real

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Module 2

Plan on your success (your strategy/team/niche) – This module/webinar helps investors develop a “workable” plan of action based on their skills, disposition, and unique resources.

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With the help of AZREIANET, you don’t have to take on the daunting challenge of navigating the complex world of real estate investing on your own. We provide the support system you need for success. Join today.

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