How An Investor Made Millions After a Disappointing Start in DC Real Estate!

I had just listed a house in Southeast DC on “O” Street. It was a probate sale as most of my listings were and I was there to place a lockbox on the front door. As I turned around to leave a big guy rushed toward me. “Hi, are you Mr. Arnold?” He asked. A bit startled, I replied with a simple, “Yes.” “Great, this is my lucky day. I’ve been trying to meet you for awhile. You have some great listings. My name’s Jehat and I want to work with you!” That was the start of a very profitable relationship.

He went on to explain that he had been tracking my listings and sales and that he had cash and would buy every listing I got. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with his statement as I had many cash buyers with millions of dollars. What I was impressed with was his attitude. He was hungry. Hungry enough to chase me down at a listing and introduce himself. I respected that and he proved to be a man of his word.

What made the difference for Jehat?

Jehat had taken the time to write down an investment plan and establish goals. He started small but he quickly grew his business with the help of his brother and other family members. One of the great things about his story is that he had only come to America from Turkey in 2007! I know what you’re thinking, “he already had money.” No he didn’t. He had drive and ambition on top of his plan. He went after the final piece of the puzzle, me, a professional that could provide him with a stream of deals. He needed deals that were deals, not what we see passed as deals and shopped by “wholesalers” on the Internet.

Most new investors never take the time to develop a strategy and a plan. They want to make money but don’t want to start with the fundamentals. That’s why they fail. Real estate is a business and those who are successful treat it as a business. If you want to succeed you must do the same thing. There are no shortcuts. Develop a plan, set your goals, and find the professionals that can help you make those plans work! That’s what Jehat did. He has done over three hundred and fifty renovations since he got started. But don’t just take my word for it. Let him tell you himself. Watch his short testimonial video on our website.

Jehat’s success story!

Now It’s Your Turn…

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