What Do You Really Need to Know to Succeed in Real Estate?

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know! Real estate investing is a people business. People have problems. People have issues. Therefore, people have real estate problems and people have real estate issues. If you as an investor know how to solve their issues and problems, you will make money doing that and that’s a promise. That’s all real estate investing is, helping people solve their real estate problems.

We’ve been helping people solve their real estate problems for over twenty-five years and boy do we have some stories to tell. Do you have a minute? Okay here goes:

There was this DC attorney who had a house in northeast that the court had instructed him to sell. The owner had been deceased for several years and the house was “vacant.” Only problem was that the house wasn’t vacant; it had a squatter. The problem was the squatter was the deceased’s daughter and she had some mental issues.  The only problem was whenever someone came to look at the house, the daughter/squatter would threaten them. The problem was that whenever the daughter was “evicted” she’d stay with a neighbor a couple door’s down and still cause havoc when anyone came by the house.

No one wanted to buy the house because of the “claim” the daughter/squatter had on the house. So, this was a serious problem. There were police calls, court filings, injunctions, and stay away orders too numerous to detail. And finally, there was a buyer that would buy the house with all of the issues surrounding it. This deal required persistence, creativity, and tact. When it was all said and done the court got what it wanted. The attorney got what he wanted, the investor got a fat bank account, and we got a very hefty commission.

The old television show and movies based on it, Mission Impossible, could have used this deal in a plot twist. You get the point, if you’re going to solve people’s real estate problems, you need someone with experience to help you. AZREIANET brings all those professionals together for you and in one place. As a new investor, in many cases you won’t know a deal is a deal until we analyze the situation and provide realistic options for you. I’m confident we do that better than almost everyone. We have a track record too prove it.

Listen to a couple of our testimonies and you’ll see for yourself. Thanks for dropping by. Tell your investor friends about us and make money when we help them close a deal. We spread the wealth.