What Makes AZREIANET Revolutionary?



Founded in 2014, AZREIANET is a membership organization that connects aspiring real estate investors with real estate professionals in all areas of the industry—REALTORS®, real estate agents, financiers, general contractors, accountants, and others. Our members work closely together to uncover lucrative estate opportunities and close deals.

How Our System Works

Unlike so many gimmicky real estate investing groups that push seminars, books, and videos onto aspiring real estate investors and then leave those investors to fend for themselves after the seminar is over, AZREIANET provides ongoing guidance and support. Our real estate professionals and investors work together to discover fruitful real estate opportunities and support each other throughout the process.

AZREIANET makes its members money in two ways: From the real estate transactions themselves, and from our referral network (our referral network pays members $1,000 for every person they bring into the network and we close a deal with them.

Our complete, integrated system includes all the resources members need to become successful investors. We help investors develop a custom Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ (SREIP™) at no additional charge. A SREIP™ is a vital part of any investor’s success—it helps them answer important questions about:

  • Their area of specialty (i.e., property type: houses, apartments, etc.)
  • How much time they can devote to investing
  • What skills they have right now that will help them succeed
  • Their tangible and “hidden” resources (e.g., friends, coworkers, etc. who are in the market for real estate)
  • The key professionals they’ll need to work with to make money
Meet with a Realtor-Consultant to determine if real estate investing suits your circumstances and goals, and if so join our network!
Complete your Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ (SREIP)
Start investing with the help of our expert professionals … NOW
Remember, once you identify a potential real estate deal you’re not on your own! Our network of professionals helps you analyze and navigate all the complexities of the process, from start to finish. You bring in prospective deals through your Sphere of Influence and then consult with the pros in your network group to close those deals.
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Our Values

We believe that real estate investing is a safe and reliable way to create wealth and achieve financial security. Our mission is bringing investors and real estate professionals together in a supportive network in which all members are empowered to thrive and succeed. We are committed to professional and ethical business practices, and our overarching goal is to positively contribute to individuals and their communities, and the economy at large.

Why Investors and Real Estate Pros Love AZREIANET

AZREIANET is ideal for both people who want to make extra money on the side and those who want to fully immerse themselves in the world of real estate investing. Here’s what some of our members have said about working with

“Getting into real estate was so unattainable for me! It seemed like a code that I just couldn’t track. Until I utilized the tools taught in this training and made $20k on my first deal doing so.” – Alexandra Arnold

“The tools and systems taught in this training are tried and true. As a real estate professional, I use everything taught to me by Nate in my current business. The methods taught have proved to be invaluable in my business and have made me a lot of money.” – Alex Brenner

“Real Estate investing was the answer to generating life changing income. People pass by those opportunities everyday to make money. I chose to work with Nate Arnold because he had licensed professionals that could handle every aspect of the job. He has an overwhelming knowledge and experience base. Having Nate backing my decisions made it a lot easier than trying to do it myself. The advice I would give a new investor is to not try to do it yourself. You want to have an experienced real estate investor that knows the ins and outs and the pitfalls that can happen. You want to have an already established and proven team that could complete projectors. Having this will help you overcome any obstacles that may get in your way.” – Davis

“There is definitely room in this housing market to invest. If you have the correct guidance and team you will be successful. The DC Metro housing market is one of the strongest real estate markets in the country. Whether it’s flipping or buying and holding this market is on fire! Nathaniel is a seasoned broker. He has the temperament to deal with the most discerning buyers and sellers. His negotiation skills are second to none! You start building your team with a strong realtor. Nathaniel will get you to the closing table! An beginning investor needs a realtor, title attorney, accountant, architect, and contractor to be successful in this market. You need guidance and patience to navigate through the good and bad scenarios of Real Estate investing. Never stop learning and earning.” – Lawrence Garrison, Coldwell Banker

“I’m a full time barber and I don’t have the time or know-how to look for real estate deals. But people sit in my chair all the time talking about investing in real estate. All I have to do is call my AZREIANET consultant, refer the person to them, and BAM, when they join I get paid. I love it! It’s great money, $1000 a pop.” – Bonita Brown

“I did 58 fix-and-flips last year in D.C.—58! AZREIANET is my #1 source of off-market properties. Their network puts you in direct contact to sellers! Understand, I don’t have anything against the MLS and real estate agents—that works for us, too. But, the best deals are off-market, and their system is the best there is for that.” – Jehat Mehmetoglu

“AZREIANET is sweet. I work as an audio-visual technician at a hospital, and it takes me all over the place. As a member, when I have a deal that I’m not sure how to do myself, I call up my consultant and explain what I’m trying to do. She gets right to the point, doesn’t waste any time. We go over all the details; she contacts the sellers and makes it happen from there. I’ve done 5 deals like this with them. I get paid; they get paid and everybody’s happy. They are for real and they’re local. They have everything you need. I love it!” – Desmond

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With the help of AZREIANET, you don’t have to take on the daunting challenge of navigating the complex world of real estate investing on your own. We provide the support system you need for success. Join today.

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