What Skills Do You Need for Success

In real estate, there’s no particular type of person best suited for the job or more likely to succeed. It’s more about the skills you master than your personality. Investing in real estate requires a skillset that you can learn. For example, with great analytical skills, you can make money in real estate, but acquiring these can take time and patience.

Real estate investors are more likely to succeed if they can:

Identify Good Investment Opportunities

It helps to know what information to collect. You need information on the property (including size), its cost, financing details, and profitability in terms of maintenance, taxes, and insurance. Once you have the details and conduct an analysis, you can start determining which investment opportunities to pursue. Real estate investment is also about where you find opportunities. It’s possible to find deals through family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others in what AZREIANET refers to as your Sphere of Influence.

Through your network, you can take full advantage of the Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ or SREIP we help you create.

Analyze (Number Crunch) Good Investments

Much of the data you collect in real estate investing involve numbers. These are not just the numbers and dollar amounts that matter now, but which apply many years into the future. In your analysis, consider the following factors:

  • Condition of the home
  • Cost of repairs/renovations
  • Financing costs
  • Increases in annual equity
  • Insurance costs
  • Inflation

A strategic analysis involves a look at:

  • Net Operating Income (NOI), the total income a property generates after all expenses are subtracted.
  • Cash Flow, the monthly or annual profit generated—aim for a positive cash flow to pursue the investment.
  • Rate of Return, or ROI, meaning the cash flow received relative to the investment cost.
  • Capitalization rate, or cap rate, a measurement for assessing investments as a ratio between NOI and the property price.

The cost of repairs must be strongly considered. House valuation helps determine a property’s value after renovations. In addition to construction and renovation costs, stay on top of local factors impacting profitability, including zoning laws, transportation, and schools.

Negotiate Effectively

Negotiation skills require you to be knowledgeable but also realize whether a proposal is satisfactory. Always use the word “no” when the proposal doesn’t meet your expectations. In the real estate market, the agent and the client must understand how to negotiate. As a client or investor, you need to know what the best- and worst-case scenarios are and under what terms you’ll be willing to accept a deal.

To negotiate effectively, you need to incorporate a lot of knowledge. Building your network is a great way to stay informed. Other real estate professionals can provide insights you can draw from; your networking efforts should include contributions to realtors in your area, who may, in turn, assist in your pursuits as a real estate entrepreneur.

Manage a Renovation

If you’re renovating the property, know where to source materials to find the best deals and have a network of contractors you can depend on for quality work at reasonable rates. The ability to budget for plumbing, flooring, wall materials, kitchen cabinets, and other important elements is crucial here, too.

If you have construction skills, you can be directly involved in the process. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire contractors and workers and be on the lookout for how things go; if the work isn’t going as planned, don’t hesitate to fire a worker or contractor and search for a better relationship.

Assess various design elements to decide on a good investment. Trendy ones such as open concept living areas, energy efficiency, and paint color affect overall property value. Compare the property to various others in the area as well. Identifying asking prices and sale prices in the vicinity and trends over time helps analyze whether you have a sound investment or not. Also, investigate local permit laws to be sure the renovations you’re doing are compliant.

Know How to Acquire Financing

Real estate investments often involve borrowing money. Financing comes at a cost, so you need to keep good records. Putting all your records together provides a look at the overall expenses versus profits. This reveals what you can pay while turning a profit.

When it comes to financing a real estate deal, there are many financing options. You can acquire cash financing, which saves investors on interest, or work with traditional lenders to secure, for example, a conventional mortgage or FHA loan. There are other types of financing, but choosing the right one depends on the nature of your real estate investment. Consider what works best for the deal. Understanding how financing works and what your best options are will ultimately help you make money in real estate.

Succeeding as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Communication is another important skill to have. Those working with you should always be able to understand your intentions and anticipate your next move. Whether it’s via phone, email, or text or the information you provide on forms and documents, your communications should always be clear. Knowing real estate and the current trends is important, too. So is how you function, which means being on time, adapting to technology, and being a great negotiator.

AZRIEANET provides valuable tools for real estate investors. Whether considering a career transition or just getting started, you can make money in real estate by joining our network of real estate professionals. An integrated program includes help by a realtor-consultant who assists you in creating a Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan. This factors in your strengths and weaknesses, goals, individual network, specialty, and life skills.

Our referral system enables you to join the network and, when you bring in another member, earn money for the effort. We, therefore, open doors to profit in real estate in different ways. To learn about joining and obtaining professional guidance on investing in real estate, continue on our website, contact us or call 703-373-1630 for more information now.

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