Why You Need a Plan

Why You Need a Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ (SREIP™)

You wouldn’t start a small business without having a detailed business plan, and you shouldn’t attempt to launch a career as a real estate investor without a Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan™ (SREIP™) either.

What is a SREIP?

We’re glad you asked, because the experts at AZREIANET believe a solid SREIP is a key part of any real estate investor’s overall strategy!

A Strategic Real Estate Investment Plan is designed to give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses. It outlines your assets, debts, and financial obligations, and answers questions about your tolerance for risk, the types of real estate investments you’re most interested in pursuing, and how much time you actually have to devote to real estate investing, among others.

These strategic plans are usually put together by a financial planner (at significant cost to you).

AZREIANET is one of the few—if not the only—organizations that guides and assists you in completing your SREIP as part of our program, at no additional charge.

Here is some of the important information your SREIP outlines:

  • Your personal information, including your income, assets, debts, financial obligations, credit rating and/or FICO score, and life skills you have now that will help you succeed.
  • Your investment goals, including the types of property you’re interested in investing in (residential, commercial, or both), your reasons for wanting to invest in real estate, your level of experience with real estate investing, and how you plan to finance your real estate transactions.
  • Your sphere of influence. This includes people you know—neighbors, church members, friends, coworkers, and others, as well as your connections with professionals, such as attorneys, CPAs, business owners, real estate agents, contractors, and others.
  • Your Team of Professionals. Success depends on working with professionals who know the business and will help you close deals. Money lenders, general contractors, Realtors, and title professionals are essential in your business.

AZREIANET will provide you with an analysis and recommendations based on the detailed information you include in your SREIP. We’ll help you understand which life skills you currently have that will help you succeed, and whether you’re best suited as an active (i.e. continuously active in buying and selling) or passive (i.e. focused on long-term returns) investor.

We’ll help you map out your goals, whether it’s saving for retirement or creating cash flow now, and we’ll make recommendations for improving weak credit, getting out of debt, improving the performance of investments like IRAs, and more.

Your SREIP: An Essential Component of Your Success

You can’t expect to start a successful business without a solid business plan, and real estate investing is no exception. Your SREIP is an essential component of your success.

Learn more about AZREIANET’s innovative real estate investment program, which is designed to connect you to a network of professionals in all areas of the real estate industry.

Then, find out more about the skills you need to be a successful real estate investor, and discover what makes AZREIANET so revolutionary.

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